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It is possible to embed OfficeFloor within existing applications. The following snippet of code shows how this can be achieved.

    String officeFloorConfigurationLocation = ...; // class path location, something like: your/app/Deploy.officefloor

    OfficeFloorCompiler compiler = OfficeFloorCompiler.newOfficeFloorCompiler();
    compiler.addSystemProperties();  // optional step to include System properties

    OfficeFloor officeFloor = compiler.compile(officeFloorConfigurationLocation);

The next snippet then illustrates how to invoke functionality within the OfficeFloor.

    String officeName = ...; // name of Office as per configuration
    String workName = ...; // qualified name of Work as per configuration

    Object argument = ...; // some object to be populated by OfficeFloor and is the parameter to the first task 

    Office office = officeFloor.getOffice(officeName);
    WorkManager workManager = office.getWorkManager(workName);

    FlowFuture future = workManager.invokeWork(argument);
    while (!future.isComplete()) {
        // Flow not yet complete, may do other work
    // Flow complete, may now obtain details from argument object