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The Models are configured by the Graphical Editors and compiled into the OfficeFrame by the OfficeCompiler. They provide the:

  1. ability to be persisted to save the state of configuration.
  2. structure of configuration for the Graphical Editors to manipulate
  3. configuration of the Sources for them to be compiled by the OfficeCompiler into the OfficeFrame.

The classes of Models are generated by the OfficeModelGenerator from the xml configuration files.

The following table lists the relationship between the Model, its Source and its Graphical Editor.

Model Source Editor (in Eclipse)
net.officefloor.model.desk.DeskModel net.officefloor.model.impl.desk.DeskModelSectionSource DeskEditor
net.officefloor.model.section.SectionModel net.officefloor.model.impl.section.SectionModelSectionSource SectionEditor OfficeEditor
net.officefloor.model.officefloor.OfficeFloorModel net.officefloor.model.impl.officefloor.OfficeFloorModelOfficeFloorSource OfficeFloorEditor