To install OfficeFloor's stand-alone server (OfficeBuilding):

  1. Download OfficeFloor
  2. Extract the downloaded file and change into the extracted bin folder
  3. Run: officebuilding start &
  4. Run: buildingmanager

JConsole should now be running connected to the server. See the OfficeBuilding MBean for running OfficeFloor applications or run officebuilding help for the various options.

Next install the OfficeFloor Eclipse Plug-in to start developing OfficeFloor applications.


Installing OfficeFloor with Maven

The OfficeFloor server can be installed by the following commands.

        mvn install

If wget is not available download this pom.xml (right click and save as) and then run mvn install in same directory.

After running the OfficeFloor server will be installed in the current directory. Please see the above steps for running.

Adding OfficeFloor to a project

OfficeFloor is available as Maven artifacts/dependencies. As these are available from Maven Central, add the following to the project's pom.xml to include OfficeFloor's web functionality.


Details of developing applications with OfficeFloor are available in the tutorials.

Trialing latest OfficeFloor version

The latest OfficeFloor artifacts are made available to try at the below repository before being released to Maven Central.

                    <name>OfficeFloor Repository for Maven</name>