The examples illustrate various features and capabilities of OfficeFloor.

All examples have respective sources that can be downloaded and run with Maven. To view and run the examples within an IDE, use the appropriate Maven setup for the IDE (for example run mvn eclipse:eclipse to use within Eclipse).

Static HTTP serverHTTP Server for static web pages illustrating the opening and closing of an OfficeFloor.
Dynamic web pageDynamic web pages which introduces the OfficeFloor concept of a task.
Interactive web pageInteractive web page demonstrating controlling order of task execution.
Navigate between pagesProvides navigation between pages which shows how to link sections.
Dependency injection for functionalityHTTP Server with dependency injection.
Team allocation within HTTP serverHTTP Server with assignment of team to execute tasks. A Team within OfficeFloor is in effect a thread pool and is the means to assign specific threads (thread pools) to execute specific tasks.
Running within Servlet ContainerRunning the above web functionality within a JEE Servlet container.
Utilising dependency injection of the Servlet ContainerUse of Servlet container dependency injection (e.g. making use of EJBs).
Graphical web navigation configurationCurrent focus of OfficeFloor development is providing graphical configuration to configure a web application.
Scripting languagesFuture focus is to look at incorporating scripting languages (such as JRuby, Jython, Groovy) as logic for templates.

Current focus of features being developed (or documented as examples) can be found at OfficeFloor features.